Using A Slave As A Spittoon For Brushing Teeth

  • 2 min

Description: brushing your teeth in the morning can be a lot more fun if you use a slave as your spittoon. the funnel will make him drink every last drop. a lot of pov, as well as shooting the process from the sid, bdsm, femdom, pov, lingerie, russian, hd videos, tattoo, mistress, slave, spitting, saliva, slaves, european, real amateur, female domination, femdom humiliation, amateur bdsm, tattooed, amateur homemade, slave training, bdsm slave, home made, lingeries, femdom mistress, real homemade, humiliation, homemade, toilet, mistress slave, spitting femdom, mouth spitting, female dominates male, fetish femdom, bdsm submission, femdom slave humiliation

Starring: Ivan And Dirty Priest

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